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The year when SHEA BUTTER evolved

butter whipped shea1 the year when shea butter evolved

In the western region of Africa, a tree known as a Shea nut or butyrospermum parkii grows and has many uses. This tree grows in a Sahelian climate or dry season were the rain is occasionally fall. During the dry season, the fall and when the rainy season starts it only the time where new leaves bloom. The fruit of the Shea usually takes five months to be ripe then it will fall on the ground.  The fruit of the Shea look like an avocado that has a brown and deep green color. Inside the fruit is a nut with a thin shell that contains a white almond-like nut and this is what they call the UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER.

Shea butter was discovering since the early 50’s and some of the known discoverers are now known in the cosmetic industry because of what they discovered on the content of Shea butter. The most widely known discoverer is Mungo Park, believed that he is the first one to discover the Shea butter. He is a Scottish explorer and the first European to go to the Gambia River and other districts of Africa. His experience in Africa was all written in his book, where he even describe the Shea butter as a shea-toulou which means a sweet-smelling gum, frankincense and commodity.

The original discoverer of Shea butter is no other than its native. In a factual manner, these natives of African citizens are using the unrefined Shea butter.  How they used this? Some preparations are initiated before they can actually use the unrefined Shea butter. First, they will need to wait for the fruit to be ripened and then they need to remove the shell so that they will be able to get the Shea butter was it was in capsulated.  Then they will crushed the nuts so that it will turn into a powder. After turning it to a powder form, they will let it oiling water, the butter floats to the top and can then be skimmed off. These simple steps are now ready to use as a moisturizer.  Then everytime there are tourists in the area the citizens tried to sell it and when the effects are good this is now the beginning of the Unrefined Shea Butter to be used.

The popular places of Africa such as the origin and growing locations of Shea trees are found mostly in Africa in areas of tree savannah and the place extends from the Senegalese-Guinean border and into central Africa across Mali then the northern part of the Ivory Coast, the Burkina Faso, the northern Ghana, Togo and Benin and Nigeria.

In these areas, you can found hundred of trees of Shea to supply the other companies worldwide. This is also known as the harvesting and cultivating area. Now, Shea butter evolved and popularly known in the medical industry that has proven to decrease the swelling and inflammation while adding moisturizer into the skin keeping it healthy and for faster recovery.

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