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Shea Butter and Shea Oil

shea butter 300x200 shea butter and shea oil Shea Butter is a seed product that originates in Africa, from African Tree Seed, also known as “Karite Tree” or “Tree of Life”, as it has multiple uses not only in skin moisturization, but also known to food industries especially chocolate manufacturers.

Because of its multiple uses especially to skin regeneration and moisturization, Shea Butter is a must in every home, an all around natural product for every member of the family.   It contains natural moisturizers similar to our skin’s natural moisturizers, and promotes good cell growth, healing and moisture. Because of its natural state of slow melting point, it is easily absorbed by skin and immediately brings moisturizing and healing benefits to our epidermis.

Shea Butter contains very high Vitamin A, a known for skin cell regeneration, and continued application to our skin helps prevent premature aging and sun damaged skin, plus helps heal various skin diseases such as burns, scaly dry skin condition, eczema, blemishes, and allergies, sunburns, itchy skin, inflamed and infected skin, stretch marks, frost and insect bites, muscle aches, and more.  Shea butter is such a wonderful skin product especially when it undergoes natural extraction without chemicals and too much heat.  The high healing factor of Shea Butter sets it apart from other seed extracts, as Shea butter contains up to 17% healing factor compared to 1% or less from others.

While Shea butter has been very popular all around the globe today, this African good-natured seed extract can now be acquired in oil form.  Shea Oil is obtained by further process that separates the oil from its solid state, with all the natural benefits still intact.  Shea oils are used today mostly in preparation of skin moisturizers as it is not prone to crystallization because it has very low melting point.  Non-saponifiable fatty acids which promotes cell regeneration, growth and protection makes Shea Oil a highly concentrated fountain of youth.  Aside from high content of Vitamin A, E and F, Shea oil also contains Keratin, that helps skin more elastic and youthfully clear.

SheaOil 300x300 shea butter and shea oil A high grade Shea Oil does not goes rancid quickly, still retains its distinct nutty smell , and can be stored even without refrigeration. When the Shea oil has very little or no smell at all means that this kind of oil is not as effective in healing skin as some extraction process deodorizes this product, but somehow retains its moisturizing properties for skin.  It is very important to know what kind and grade of a certain Shea oil to be acquired as most processes differ from another.  It is also important to what specific skin benefit would you like to obtain from using Shea Butter oil to be able to pick up the best Shea oil for your any specific skin care need.

Source: www.soliditytrade.com

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