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Tama Shea Oil

shea oil bottle big tama shea oilShea oil is widely becoming highly recommended and one of the best selling skin care products nowadays. Shea butter is used in Africa as cooking oil, contrary to other countries where it is widely used as a cosmetic ingredient.

It is widely used as salve and moisturizer. Because of its anti-drying, softening and shielding effects, shea oil is an efficient ingredient in soaps, sun care products, hand creams, body massage products, anti-wrinkle creams and for hair care applications.

Tama Shea oil, high in essential fatty acids, unsaponifiable (7-8%), and Vitamins A, E, and F, is efficient in providing skin with all the essential elements for good balance, elasticity and tone. It cares for the skin, especially skin repair and soothing action. It rejuvenates old cells and brings back elasticity and tone.  It easily melts at body temperature and rapidly penetrates deep down the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

Tama shea oil moisturizes dry skin, helps prevent ashy skin, chapping, rashes and tough skin especially feet and elbows. It acts as a good ingredient for hair care where 0.5-1% addition in a conditioner or using the shea oil directly to hair may help enhance gloss and moisture retention in the hair. It is also applied before swimming to protect hair against chlorine and sea salt. It prevents bed sores and ensures continued suppleness and moisture of elderly skin. It can be used as a sunscreen to prevent the UV rays from penetrating the skin. It helps aging skin tissue to firm up and protect against wrinkles and fine lines. And shea oil is recommended as base oil for massage therapy when it is blended.

sboil tama shea oil

Produced by Shekaf in Northern Ghana, it can be used for direct personal care usage and also serve as raw material for homemade body and personal care product manufacturers. It is obtained by fractioning shea butter to separate its liquid and solid properties while preserving all the valuable characteristics of shea butter. It maintains the integrity of the stratum corneum and helps protect the epidemis. Since shea oil has a low melting point that leads to easy creation of emulsions with no adverse crystallization, it is recommended for use in liquid formulations.

The product will be available in bulk and small bottles of 500ml. You must ensure that you are buying Shea oil from a highly regarded supplier, one that is capable of giving you original shea oil. Tama Shea produces original Shea on their online website.

Source: www.soliditytrade.com

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