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Biggest Cocoa Producer

03Cocoa biggest cocoa producerAs one of the biggest contributing factor for economic development in any part of the world particularly the producers of cocoa. Cocoa as the main component for chocolates and other creamy and healthy foods the producers of it continue to produce a high quality cocoa bean. In the year 2002, according to studies the production of cocoa are very low and that’s why producers need to give the lowest price they can to consumers in order to sell their products but as they give attention to their respected farms and harvest as many cocoa the prices is now on the hot pot where they hit the global market.

For the known producers of cocoa this can be the biggest challenge for them. This country was known for their greatest production of fruits that can give a high satisfaction to their consumers, it is also where the famous Shea butter being produced. In some areas in Western Africa, the soil and land are very much abundant for nutrients to help grow a cocoa tree. Together with the location and other environmental factor that helps yield a healthy crop.

Ivory Coast was the largest and biggest cocoa producer, for others who may not know they became the largest producer because they intend to produce a lot of cocoa and helps Ivory Coast in the development. The other top three aside from Ivory Coast are Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.  Given this volume for at least 75% of the production, cocoa that being produced in Ivory coast are commonly used in chocolate production while cocoa’s form Ghana are mostly used in Europe and its prized is consistent in quality.

As the season will hit the harvest period, the farmers will see to it that every cocoa they got is perfectly ripen and the quality of it is not only sold out in the market but also gives the expectations of every consumer that spend a wide variety of money to enjoy his cup of hot chocolate. Not only to a single consumer but also to the big companies they supply their cocoa product. As economy continues to rise the cocoa still maintains its position as one of the leading factor in economic growth.

In the latest study held last 2010, a list is being shown how amazingly a cocoa production increases. As the list shows at the year 1998 to 2000 in the world market the production is 2220 and when 2010 is being reached the production increases at 2,994. The growth rate continue to increase, the prices continue the rise but with this changes in the economy the value of money needs to be increased in order to cope up the producers expectations.

Source: www.soliditytrade.com

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