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February 28 2011


The Benefits of Refined Shea Butter

P1030031 the benefits of refined shea butter

For many generations, African women used Shea Butter to protect and revitalize their hair and skin. This butter comes from nuts of Shea-Karite tree.  These nuts contain fatty acids that give shea butter its unique healing properties especially for the skin. They are picked, cracked, grilled and milled forming a paste. The paste was boiled in water for few hours until the Shea Butter rose to the surface.  Then it was scooped into gourds and left to cool. The product is called raw shea butter.

Shea butter can be refined. This is done by melting raw shea butter and washing it with water.  The mixture of melted butter and water is transferred to reactor where air and steam remove the odor.  The melted shea butter is combined with diatomaceous earth to remove most of the color. It is then filtered by pressing using many layers of paper and cloth.  The final step is involves removing small particles and impurities by filtration.  This yields shea butter which is very pale yellow to white in color with no odor.  Some of the vitamins and nutrients are lost, but excellent results can still be obtained using refined shea butter.

The benefits of refined shea butter is that it is odorless compared to the raw or unrefined shea butter. This shea butter is good source of Vitamins A, E and F.  Vitamins A and E help maintain the skin and keep it clear and healthy.  These two vitamins are particularly helpful for sun damaged skin. They help prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines.  Vitamin F acts as a skin protector and also it rejuvenates the skin. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin. Shea Butter is high in unsaponifiables (a type of fat) which is about 7-12%.  Avocado oil which is a well known skin conditioner has between 2-6%.  This high level of unsaponifiables is one property of Shea Butter that makes it so valuable in treating the conditions listed above.   Also, Shea Butter can easily penetrate the skin allowing the skin to breathe and without clogging pores.  Shea Butter also contains high level of cinnamic acid which is a natural sun screen.  So, it provides some degree of protection from the sun.  Shea Butter is also anti-inflammatory which is useful in treating rheumatism.

Shea Butter moisturizes the dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, repairing and protecting against brittleness, dryness and weather damage.  It is also quickly absorb into the scalp to rehydrate without clogging pores.  It is particularly useful for processed and heat-treated hair.  It is an excellent treatment for dry scalp. It brings back luster of damaged hair.

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February 27 2011


The year when SHEA BUTTER evolved

butter whipped shea1 the year when shea butter evolved

In the western region of Africa, a tree known as a Shea nut or butyrospermum parkii grows and has many uses. This tree grows in a Sahelian climate or dry season were the rain is occasionally fall. During the dry season, the fall and when the rainy season starts it only the time where new leaves bloom. The fruit of the Shea usually takes five months to be ripe then it will fall on the ground.  The fruit of the Shea look like an avocado that has a brown and deep green color. Inside the fruit is a nut with a thin shell that contains a white almond-like nut and this is what they call the UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER.

Shea butter was discovering since the early 50’s and some of the known discoverers are now known in the cosmetic industry because of what they discovered on the content of Shea butter. The most widely known discoverer is Mungo Park, believed that he is the first one to discover the Shea butter. He is a Scottish explorer and the first European to go to the Gambia River and other districts of Africa. His experience in Africa was all written in his book, where he even describe the Shea butter as a shea-toulou which means a sweet-smelling gum, frankincense and commodity.

The original discoverer of Shea butter is no other than its native. In a factual manner, these natives of African citizens are using the unrefined Shea butter.  How they used this? Some preparations are initiated before they can actually use the unrefined Shea butter. First, they will need to wait for the fruit to be ripened and then they need to remove the shell so that they will be able to get the Shea butter was it was in capsulated.  Then they will crushed the nuts so that it will turn into a powder. After turning it to a powder form, they will let it oiling water, the butter floats to the top and can then be skimmed off. These simple steps are now ready to use as a moisturizer.  Then everytime there are tourists in the area the citizens tried to sell it and when the effects are good this is now the beginning of the Unrefined Shea Butter to be used.

The popular places of Africa such as the origin and growing locations of Shea trees are found mostly in Africa in areas of tree savannah and the place extends from the Senegalese-Guinean border and into central Africa across Mali then the northern part of the Ivory Coast, the Burkina Faso, the northern Ghana, Togo and Benin and Nigeria.

In these areas, you can found hundred of trees of Shea to supply the other companies worldwide. This is also known as the harvesting and cultivating area. Now, Shea butter evolved and popularly known in the medical industry that has proven to decrease the swelling and inflammation while adding moisturizer into the skin keeping it healthy and for faster recovery.

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February 26 2011



Shea butter is known in the whole world because it has many beneficial uses in different sectors. These sectors are health, industrial companies and the smallest sector the traditional one. People, did you know where shea butter originates?  Here are some facts you want to know about the history of shea butter.

February 25 2011


Black Soap – Key to Health and Beauty

black soap black soap – key to health and beauty

Natural remedy is the trend nowadays.  We will find several products coming from herbs and other organic resources.  Health conscious individuals look for ways to maintain their good wellbeing or recover from a certain illness through supplements and medications coming from Mother Earth.  We have to consider every single body part, especially the largest organ in our body – our skin.  It covers and protects all other parts within it. The question is how do we cleanse, soothe, exfoliate and heal our skin?

Commonly used is a white soap if not a lightly colored one which really looks refreshing.  Different brands of soap offer various benefits – cleansing, moisturizing, whitening, acne treatment and the like.  But when we use these soaps we’ll later find out that they do not reach our expectations.  Our beauty and healing objectives are compromised because the ingredients are mostly artificial, chemically treated and very much commercialized.  Bottom line is that it is harsh to our skin.

Then, Black Soap is the key!  Black Soap is also known as African Black Soap since it originated in Ghana, West Africa.  It has been used for centuries in Ghana and Nigeria to wash their black hair and skin.  Because of its healing wonders other countries adopted its secret ingredients.  Ingredients somehow are varied and mixed but still upholding its nearness to nature.  With the intention of being natural, artificial fragrances are not added but rather earthly scents with aroma therapies are used.  Even though the black soap originated in Africa and is used by black people it doesn’t mean that only blacks can use it. It is suitable for all hair types and skin types regardless of color.  May it be a normal, oily or a combination type of skin Black Soap fits them all.  Moreover, an infant’s delicate skin and the drying skin of the aged will surely benefit from the therapeutic sensation of the Black Soap.

As users, we normally read behind the soap’s box its ingredients and scrutinize if they are really valuable for skin care and hair care if applicable.  Well, that of a Black Soap is breathtakingly pure – no synthetic components blended in it.  It is made from 7 essential oils (palm kernel oil, coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, neem oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil and lemon grass oil), and cocoa pod ash.  To fully comprehend on how our hair, scalp and skin can benefit from Black Soap’s marvels.  Let us discuss one by one its ingredients and how they can enhance our hair and skin’s condition.

1.     Palm kernel oil has anti-aging formula which prevents and treats surface lines and wrinkles.

2.     Coconut oil is known to be the healthiest oil for hair, scalp and skin care.  Coconut oil naturally nourishes hair by preventing dandruff, lice and lice eggs to thrive on our hair.  Further, coconut oil re-grows damaged hair and makes our hair shiny.  As to the skin, coconut oil is a perfect moisturizer for all skin types and has no undesirable side effects on the skin.  It is also known for treating various skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

3.     Unrefined shea butter being on its uncultured structure contains more vitamins and minerals ideal for treating burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, and stretch marks.  Shea butter facilitates eradication of wrinkles by increasing skin’s moisture, renewing cells and enhancing blood circulation.  Shea butter also has an element that shields the skin from damaging UV rays called cinnamic acid.

4.     Neem oil is a type of vegetable oil just right for dry skin.  And, oily skin can also gain relief from neem oil since it has anti-bacterial properties that eliminate the causes of clogged up pores and zits.  Neem oil alleviates dry and itchy scalp, dandruff and psoriasis, and offers silky, shiny, stronger hair and hair growth.

5.     Lavender oil has a calming aroma that soothes the skin.  Lavender oil has antiseptic and antifungal properties – it hastens the cure of numerous skin ailments such as acne, wrinkles and psoriasis.  Lavender oil restores wounds, cuts, burns and sunburns too. When it comes to hair care lavender oileliminates lice and lice eggs or nits.

6.     Eucalyptus oil similar to lavender oil promotes aroma therapy as well, and constitutes a desirable scent.  Eucalyptus oil being antiseptic and anti-parasitic cleanses the skin, gets rid of skin infections, and aids in the healing of wounds.

7.     Lemon grass oil is ultimate for both dry and oily skin conditions by stabilizing sebum levels in the skin.  Lemon grass oil also has this fresh earthy fragrance that pacifies an exhausted body.

8.     Cocoa pod ash or natural potash is used to convert the oils into soap.  And, being an ash (finer version of a charcoal) also has curative results – gently exfoliates and absorbs bacteria causing germs leaving your hair, scalp and skin clean and refreshed.

Black Soap cleanses, soothes, exfoliates and heals.  Black Soap cleanses from head to toe, from babies to the elderly, and from simple dirt to complicated types thriving bacteria and fungi.  .  Black Soap soothes, relaxes and calms us from exhaustion and discomforts through aroma therapy.  Black Soap gently exfoliates skin and reduces the early signs of aging.  Lastly, Black Soap heals various skin problems, infections and conditions.  Black Soap is indeed the key to health and beauty!

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February 24 2011

I like this image, very clear and inspiring (:

The soap that cares, cures and heals all skin problems

900E6038 the soap that cares, cures and heals all skin problems

Black Soap is also known as African Black Soap since it originated in Ghana, West Africa. It has been used for centuries in Ghana and Nigeria to wash their black hair and skin.
Although it originated from Ghana, other countries adopted its secret ingredients which are varied and mixed but still upholding its nearness to nature. With the intention of being natural, artificial fragrances are not added but rather earthly scents with aroma therapies are used. Black Soap is suitable for all hair types and skin types regardless of color. Black Soap fits all types of skin may it be a normal, oily or a combination type of skin. It also benefits infant’s delicate skin and the drying skin of the aged from it therapeutic sensation.
There are two types of black soap; they are normal black soap and Tama black soap. The difference between the two is that normal black soap dries the skin after bathing while Tama black soap keeps the skin moisturized after use and that the disadvantage of normal black soap.
africanblacksoap the soap that cares, cures and heals all skin problems
The ingredients for Tama black soap are different from those of normal soap. These ingredients are Shea butter, Virgin Coconut oil, Neem Oil, Lavender essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil and Lemon Grass essential oil and each of them have it role and advantages. Shea butter contains more vitamins and minerals ideal for treating burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, and stretch marks. It facilitates eradication of wrinkles by increasing skin’s moisture, renewing cells and enhancing blood circulation. It also has an element that shields the skin from damaging UV rays called cinnamic acid. Neem Oil has anti-bacterial properties that eliminate the causes of clogged up pores and zits. It alleviates dry and itchy scalp, dandruff and psoriasis, and offers silky, shiny, stronger hair and hair growth. Lavender oil has a calming aroma that soothes the skin, antiseptic and antifungal properties which hastens the cure of numerous skin ailments such as acne, wrinkles and psoriasis. It also restores wounds, cuts, burns and eliminates lice and lice eggs or nits on hair. Eucalyptus essential oil promotes aroma therapy and constitutes a desirable scent. It is also antiseptic and anti-parasitic and it cleanses the skin, gets rid of skin infections, and aids in the healing of wounds. Lemon grass oil is ultimate for both dry and oily skin conditions by stabilizing sebum levels in the skin.
Tama moisturizing Black soap has passed the quality test by local Food & Drugs Board of Ghana and currently under examination for Ghana National Accreditations board. It is also going through clinical studies to officially confirm its antifungal properties. Tama Black Soap just like all natural soap must be kept dry after use to avoid melting. It may irritate damaged skins with open wounds.
Black Soap cleanses from head to toe, from babies to the elderly, and from simple to complicated dirt thriving bacteria and fungi. It exfoliates skin and reduces the early signs of aging and heals various skin problems, infections and conditions and this makes it indeed the key to health and beauty!

February 23 2011


February 22 2011


Tips for a Healthy Skin: Black Soap Secrets

Tips for a Healthy Skin: Black Soap Secrets

skin care tips for a healthy skin: black soap secrets

Ever tried a natural black soap?  If not, you have missed one of the best kept skin care secrets of our time.  Imagine having your complexion that makes you want to stop and look every time you pass a mirror.

Forget about those harsh astringents and toners, soaps with coarse scrubs and high alcohol-based products.  Treat your skin with african black soap and these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to perfect skin.

Step 1: To use organic black soap for a shower or bath, wet sponge or wash cloth and rub the organic black soap on the sponge or wash cloth. Lather up with natural black soap and use shea moisturizer or shea butter to moisturize your clean lustrous skin after a shower or bath.

DreamSkinCare 300x268 tips for a healthy skin: black soap secretsStep 2: Wash your face once or twice a day and use natural black soap. Or better yet, give yourself a facial with natural black soap. Prepare a small towel, dip it into some warm water, squeeze out and place the towel over your face for about 10 seconds or until the towel goes cold. Repeat several times. When you are done, wash your beautiful face with natural black soap. Don’t forget parts behind the ears, under the chin and neck and rinse with warm water. Finally, moisturize with a moisturizer. Acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, blemishes, rashes, breakouts and discolorations will eventually fades away.

Step 3: Wet your hair and rub organic black soap in until it lathers. Wash hair, rinse & repeat the process until hair is clean.  When you are done, use regular hair conditioner.
To store unused organic black soap, place it in a cool dry area wrapped in saran wrap or in a zip lock bag or in a plastic container.  It has natural glycerin that will naturally absorb moisture from the air and become darker and softer when left exposed. Do not leave African black soap in water. If you are storing African black soap in a soap dish, make sure that the soap dish is well drained. If it is to be stored on a surface, make sure surface does not have a paddle of water.

B s raw21 300x240 tips for a healthy skin: black soap secretsAside from using natural black soap for your skin, it will be an added bonus if you will avoid smokes and cigarettes. Proper nourishments will also do well for your skin which includes eating healthy and nutritious foods and minimize eating junk foods. Enough rest and sleep, for at least eight hours is very important. Prolonged sun exposure especially if you have not applied your sunscreen should also be avoided. In addition, be sure to clean your face thoroughly at night, removing every trace of makeup. This will be efficient especially with the use of African black soap.

Use black soaps on your skin and not imitation soaps that have chemicals and coloring added to them. Pure black soaps are available at an international grocery store, African marketplace or online. It comes as a liquid, bar or in an unformed lump.

Source: http://soliditytrade.com/

February 17 2011


Shea Butter and Shea Oil

shea butter 300x200 shea butter and shea oil Shea Butter is a seed product that originates in Africa, from African Tree Seed, also known as “Karite Tree” or “Tree of Life”, as it has multiple uses not only in skin moisturization, but also known to food industries especially chocolate manufacturers.

Because of its multiple uses especially to skin regeneration and moisturization, Shea Butter is a must in every home, an all around natural product for every member of the family.   It contains natural moisturizers similar to our skin’s natural moisturizers, and promotes good cell growth, healing and moisture. Because of its natural state of slow melting point, it is easily absorbed by skin and immediately brings moisturizing and healing benefits to our epidermis.

Shea Butter contains very high Vitamin A, a known for skin cell regeneration, and continued application to our skin helps prevent premature aging and sun damaged skin, plus helps heal various skin diseases such as burns, scaly dry skin condition, eczema, blemishes, and allergies, sunburns, itchy skin, inflamed and infected skin, stretch marks, frost and insect bites, muscle aches, and more.  Shea butter is such a wonderful skin product especially when it undergoes natural extraction without chemicals and too much heat.  The high healing factor of Shea Butter sets it apart from other seed extracts, as Shea butter contains up to 17% healing factor compared to 1% or less from others.

While Shea butter has been very popular all around the globe today, this African good-natured seed extract can now be acquired in oil form.  Shea Oil is obtained by further process that separates the oil from its solid state, with all the natural benefits still intact.  Shea oils are used today mostly in preparation of skin moisturizers as it is not prone to crystallization because it has very low melting point.  Non-saponifiable fatty acids which promotes cell regeneration, growth and protection makes Shea Oil a highly concentrated fountain of youth.  Aside from high content of Vitamin A, E and F, Shea oil also contains Keratin, that helps skin more elastic and youthfully clear.

SheaOil 300x300 shea butter and shea oil A high grade Shea Oil does not goes rancid quickly, still retains its distinct nutty smell , and can be stored even without refrigeration. When the Shea oil has very little or no smell at all means that this kind of oil is not as effective in healing skin as some extraction process deodorizes this product, but somehow retains its moisturizing properties for skin.  It is very important to know what kind and grade of a certain Shea oil to be acquired as most processes differ from another.  It is also important to what specific skin benefit would you like to obtain from using Shea Butter oil to be able to pick up the best Shea oil for your any specific skin care need.

Source: www.soliditytrade.com

February 16 2011


Tama Shea Oil

shea oil bottle big tama shea oilShea oil is widely becoming highly recommended and one of the best selling skin care products nowadays. Shea butter is used in Africa as cooking oil, contrary to other countries where it is widely used as a cosmetic ingredient.

It is widely used as salve and moisturizer. Because of its anti-drying, softening and shielding effects, shea oil is an efficient ingredient in soaps, sun care products, hand creams, body massage products, anti-wrinkle creams and for hair care applications.

Tama Shea oil, high in essential fatty acids, unsaponifiable (7-8%), and Vitamins A, E, and F, is efficient in providing skin with all the essential elements for good balance, elasticity and tone. It cares for the skin, especially skin repair and soothing action. It rejuvenates old cells and brings back elasticity and tone.  It easily melts at body temperature and rapidly penetrates deep down the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

Tama shea oil moisturizes dry skin, helps prevent ashy skin, chapping, rashes and tough skin especially feet and elbows. It acts as a good ingredient for hair care where 0.5-1% addition in a conditioner or using the shea oil directly to hair may help enhance gloss and moisture retention in the hair. It is also applied before swimming to protect hair against chlorine and sea salt. It prevents bed sores and ensures continued suppleness and moisture of elderly skin. It can be used as a sunscreen to prevent the UV rays from penetrating the skin. It helps aging skin tissue to firm up and protect against wrinkles and fine lines. And shea oil is recommended as base oil for massage therapy when it is blended.

sboil tama shea oil

Produced by Shekaf in Northern Ghana, it can be used for direct personal care usage and also serve as raw material for homemade body and personal care product manufacturers. It is obtained by fractioning shea butter to separate its liquid and solid properties while preserving all the valuable characteristics of shea butter. It maintains the integrity of the stratum corneum and helps protect the epidemis. Since shea oil has a low melting point that leads to easy creation of emulsions with no adverse crystallization, it is recommended for use in liquid formulations.

The product will be available in bulk and small bottles of 500ml. You must ensure that you are buying Shea oil from a highly regarded supplier, one that is capable of giving you original shea oil. Tama Shea produces original Shea on their online website.

Source: www.soliditytrade.com

February 15 2011


Biggest Cocoa Producer

03Cocoa biggest cocoa producerAs one of the biggest contributing factor for economic development in any part of the world particularly the producers of cocoa. Cocoa as the main component for chocolates and other creamy and healthy foods the producers of it continue to produce a high quality cocoa bean. In the year 2002, according to studies the production of cocoa are very low and that’s why producers need to give the lowest price they can to consumers in order to sell their products but as they give attention to their respected farms and harvest as many cocoa the prices is now on the hot pot where they hit the global market.

For the known producers of cocoa this can be the biggest challenge for them. This country was known for their greatest production of fruits that can give a high satisfaction to their consumers, it is also where the famous Shea butter being produced. In some areas in Western Africa, the soil and land are very much abundant for nutrients to help grow a cocoa tree. Together with the location and other environmental factor that helps yield a healthy crop.

Ivory Coast was the largest and biggest cocoa producer, for others who may not know they became the largest producer because they intend to produce a lot of cocoa and helps Ivory Coast in the development. The other top three aside from Ivory Coast are Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.  Given this volume for at least 75% of the production, cocoa that being produced in Ivory coast are commonly used in chocolate production while cocoa’s form Ghana are mostly used in Europe and its prized is consistent in quality.

As the season will hit the harvest period, the farmers will see to it that every cocoa they got is perfectly ripen and the quality of it is not only sold out in the market but also gives the expectations of every consumer that spend a wide variety of money to enjoy his cup of hot chocolate. Not only to a single consumer but also to the big companies they supply their cocoa product. As economy continues to rise the cocoa still maintains its position as one of the leading factor in economic growth.

In the latest study held last 2010, a list is being shown how amazingly a cocoa production increases. As the list shows at the year 1998 to 2000 in the world market the production is 2220 and when 2010 is being reached the production increases at 2,994. The growth rate continue to increase, the prices continue the rise but with this changes in the economy the value of money needs to be increased in order to cope up the producers expectations.

Source: www.soliditytrade.com

February 10 2011


Benefits of Using West African Shea Butter

g rg sheabutter benefits of using west african shea butter

All natural shea butter is made from the nut of shea trees also known as Karite tree that is found throughout Africa. These nuts contain rich, unrefined shea butter. African continent has been using shea butter for centuries which is traditionally utilized in huge quantities for cooking, for illumination, for fire-lighting, waterproofing of houses, for soap making, as moisturizing cream and as an herbal medicine. Aside from cosmetics, African shea butter was used for many other purposes before it was introduced to the world.  All natural shea butter is very helpful in enhancing the hair and the skin.

100% pure shea butter contains higher percentage of unsaponifiable matter, vitamins A, E and specific fats and acids that work together to provide you with smoother, softer and suppler skin and efficient in diminishing wrinkles. African shea butter has been also studied as an anti-inflammatory cream and useful in treating eczema, rheumatism, arthritis, nasal decongestant, dermatitis and heals soreness and bruises.  In addition, African shea butter can be used for all varieties of massage, and as an exceptional base for smooth therapeutic work. African shea butter is an essential element in beauty products, lotions, soaps, moisturizers and shampoos. West African shea butter helps to maintain efficiently elasticity of the skin and helps avoid stretch marks. West African shea butter is excellent when mixed with oils or melting that can create better manageability.

East African shea butter is mostly prepared for cooking & less for skin care & hair care. So the East African Shea Butter is much oilier and has a different consistency, whereas the West African shea butter is created for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes. West African shea butter is thicker & lasts longer.

West African shea butter does not melt easily at room temperature making it more practical, easy, and not messy to use. On the other hand, East African shea butter melts easily in a room temperature. Even for temperature as low as 65 degrees F it easily melts, which makes it not suitable to store in room temperature. You have to store it in a refrigerator or else it will become messy to use.

The natural West African shea butter soap is practically odorless, compared to east African shea butter soap where it is nutty smelling. You will enjoy the smooth feeling of the shea butter without smelling the nutty scent of the shea butter when you apply it into your skin.
Production of all natural shea butter in West Africa is far more abundant than East Africa, prior to domestic crisis within the regions of Uganda and Sudan. All natural shea butter is readily available in the market compared to the scarce supply of East African shea butter. East African Shea Butter, on the other hand, is rare and extremely difficult to find.

Finally, the West African shea butter is far more cheaply compared to the East African shea butter. East African Shea Butter is far more costly that triples the price of West African Shea Butter. When you do discover some, its price is as high up to the equivalent of $40 per two ounce jar on several websites.   Why not use the cheaper brand of natural shea butter that gives similar or better results compared to the expensive one.

Source: www.soliditytrade.com

January 19 2011


Look Young with 100% Unrefined Shea Butter

394538 23724 2 look young with 100% unrefined shea butter

Unrefined Shea butter is the most popular product in cosmetic industry in recent times. Be it for hair nourishment or skin care, unrefined shea butter is used as the best natural moisturizer. The benefits of African shea butter are not limited to skin care or hair growth but used extensively in various fields like medicine, Chocolate industry etc. It also known as Women’s gold because it provides livelihood for many women in Africa.

Unrefined Shea butter is extracted traditionally from Shea nuts of Shea-Karite Tree found in Savannah regions of Africa. Shea butter is an innovative product for most people. However it is a common product used by African women from decades. It contains many fatty acids which retain the moisture and elasticity of the skin, thereby making it the best natural moisturizer. Because of its moisturizing effect, it is widely used in soaps, lotions, creams, shampoos and cosmetics. It has become an ultimate element in anti-aging products because of its ability to remove wrinkles on the skin and enhance the glow of the skin. It contains cinnamic acid which protects our skin from ultra violet rays of sun. It is also considered as the best healer for burns, wounds and rashes. It eliminates scars and stretch marks very quickly.

Unrefined shea butter cream gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and does not cause any irritation or greasy feeling when you apply it on the skin. To make you face bright and shining, take little shea butter cream into your palms and apply it on your face and neck. Make sure to apply it to the lower part of your nose, corners of the lips, forehead and ears. It will reduce dark spots, premature facial marks and scars on your face and maintains moisturizer and softness of the skin. To get good results, wash with black soap, dry with a towel and then apply unrefined shea butter.

Soaking your legs in shea butter lotion twice a week will surely beautify your feet. Place your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes and scrub your feet with a scrubber. Later add a teaspoon of shea butter lotion and place your feet again in that liquid for 15-20 minutes. Remove the feet and dry up with a towel and you will discover how good unrefined shea butter beautifies your feet. It also has the ability to make dry scalp smooth. Applying shea butter before sleep might not be a good idea as most of it gets rubbed up. However, as it is a natural product, you can apply shea body butter several times a day.

Normal shelf life of 100% unrefined shea butter is 12-18 months. It needs to be packed in air tight container and stored away from sunlight, heat or water so that the quality of the product does not diminish with time. A little African shea butter can do great things for your skin. Take advantage of this awesome product to enrich your skin and get an edge over your friends.

Source: www.soliditytrade.com

January 12 2011


January 06 2011

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